Sony Cameras

Sony Cameras Alpha DSLR Camera - Next level photography.

Shoot with unprecedented speed and precision thanks to Sony's revolutionary Translucent Mirror Technology™. While traditional DSLRs depend on a reflex mirror to flip up and down with every shot, Sony's award-winning technology changes all that with its fixed-position, translucent mirror design. The result? Minimal hesitation between shots for continuous shooting up to 12 fps complete with phase detection auto focus – plus a smaller, lighter form factor.

The bigger the sensor, the better the picture. Experience the quality and performance of a DSLR in about half the size and half the weight of one.

Cyber-shot Cameras - Point and shoot perfection.

Pint-sized powerhouses that make framing your shots, adjusting settings and reviewing content a snap. Fill your photo gallery with memorable moments and capture unexpected beauty wherever you find it with a compact companion you won’t want to leave behind.


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